• Up-to-date National Certifications
• 24-hour, 365-day ER Service
• Specialty Area
• Intensive Care—adult/nursery areas

• Operating Rooms with Cutting Edge Technology
• Plastic surgery, aesthetic and bio-regenerative medicine
• Cafeteria Service

Welcome to Hospitals CMQ

We offer the latest technology, the best professional team and the confidence that our full attention is on giving you the humane treatment you deserve.

We work with the full intention that you receive treatment that will comfort and surprise you. Allow us to assist in the recovery process for your health; remember that:

"More than hospital services ... what we offer is hope for life"

distintivo H hospital CMQdistintivo M hospital CMQPunto Limpio hospital CMQWe are in the process of hospital certification by the General Health Council approved for international certification by the Joint Commission.

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